Saint Benjamin

Saint Benjamin

Born: Late 4th Century, Iran

Died: c424

Feast Day: 31st March

Patron Saint: Those called Benjamin

Isdegerd reigned in Persia and fairly much left the Christians alone until that was, when Abdas, a Christian Bishop, in righteous anger, burnt down the great Persian sanctuary - the Temple of Fire.  Isdegerd told Abdas to either rebuild the Temple or he would destroy all the churches of the Christians.  Abdas refused and was put to death, the churches were burnt, and a persecution began which lasted for 40 years, started by Isdegerd and then his successor and son Varanes.  These persecutions included cruel tortures.

Saint Benjamin was a deacon who was imprisoned for a year.  The Emperor of Constantinople obtained Benjamin’s release on condition that he never spoke to the courtiers about religion.  However, as St Benjamin felt his was duty bound to preach about Christ he did not keep quiet.  He was soon apprehended once again and brought before the king.  The King ordered reeds to be thrust under his nails and other tender parts of his body and withdrawn, this was repeated several times before a knotted stake was inserted in to his bowels.  St Benjamin died in agony around the year 424

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