Ben & Rugby - tentatively related to Saint Benjamin

Ben and rugby

As I have previously told the story of my son Ben, I thought I would tell a little about his passion for rugby.  Ben’s dad used to play rugby and still enjoys watching it, so Ben was exposed to it on television at an early age.  When he was about 4, he sat down to watch a game and with eyes almost out of his head, he said “Wow, football with fighting”.

At the age of 6 he started playing for his local club Cullompton, where he still plays (COVID allowing).  His under 16’s team were particularly successful, being the first Cullompton team to win the Fisherman’s cup.  The first year back from Australia we watched most of Ben’s games and had the privilege of seeing them do so well, although as a mum on the sideline, it can be quite scary as you see your precious baby being knocked to the ground and trodden on!

As discussed in one of my previous posts, I won tickets to Twickenham to watch England vs Ireland in a friendly which, of course I took Ben to, and that same year I won tickets to Exeter Chiefs vs La Rochelle in a box with entertainment.  This was a great day with 2 players coming into the box for questions and answers and a couple of great photo opportunities for Ben with several members of his favourite team.  I have always found rugby players very down to earth and they are easy to talk to and are happy to have their photos taken.  Ben’s coach at the time was Ben Moon and he has also been coached and met a couple of other players and Chiefs coaches at Cullompton or at college.

We went to several Chiefs games and Ben managed to meet a few more players and get photo’s … we even got a couple of photos with a Saracens player!  One day Ben and I were in town and went for a Nando’s when Ben spotted a couple of Chiefs players having lunch.  Once they were finished, I did ask if they minded a photo with Ben which they did not so another couple of players ticked J.

Eddie Jones (England Coach) came to Sandy Park for a fundraising event and Ben and I went along.  He was a good speaker, funny and honest.  We got the opportunity to meet him briefly afterwards (photo opportunity only) but did each get a copy of his signed book which I found very interesting.

Ben played rugby for Devon for a season and also started at Exeter academy although with COVID-19 that stopped, and Ben decided to give up college for full time work but still enjoys playing when he can.  I have to say that I enjoy watching games on TV or live as well as I have become more familiar with the game.