First Wedding Anniversary - tentatively related to St Bega (6th September is her feast day)

First wedding anniversary 

Paul and I were married on 6th September 2018, story as previously told.  Our first wedding anniversary in 2019 turned out to be in the middle of one of Paul’s rotations in Brunei.  We decided in the end that I would go out and join him for a few days, however, I had to get back as I had a flight to Norway booked on 9th from London. 

I flew out on 3rd arriving on 4th and back on 8th arriving into London on 9th where I caught the flight straight on to Norway.  It was a long trip to take for 4 days especially as Paul was working long hours in the office, but it was nice to at least to see each other on the day.  At that time Paul was staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, part of a small shopping centre so I could get food, but I could not go far as I had no car.  It was nice to go and explore the supermarket to see the different foods.

We did get a bit of time on the Saturday early evening to go and find some monkeys and on the Sunday Paul took me back to the airport and we had an amazing afternoon tea at the Empire (the hotel I stayed at for 1 night on my previous visit).   
I loved seeing the monkeys, one was in a bin throwing out the contents and others were causing havoc in other areas of people’s garden.  They were also in the grounds of the Empire Hotel.  I would love to live in a Country where there are monkeys although I can see they would be a source of annoyance at times.

Of course, Brunei is a dry Country and we really wanted a bottle of wine to help celebrate our anniversary.  Fortunately, one of the contractors working with Paul lives in Miri and brought us a bottle of wine over the border, so we celebrated in style.

Brunei is hot and humid and walking around during the day is not easy.  It was a short trip and the jetlag was interesting, but I was delighted to spend our first wedding anniversary together.