Saint Attracta

Saint Attracta
Born: 5th Century, County Sligo, Ireland
Died: 6th Century, Ireland
Feast Day: 11th August 9th February in some calendars
Patron Saint: Achonry, Ireland, city of, Achonry, Ireland, diocese of, Men of Lugna
Also Known As:  Abaght, Adhracht, Araght, Athracta, Taraghta, Tarahata

Legend states that Saint Attracta was born in County Sligo to a noble family and wanted to join the religious at a young age, but her parents opposed her.  She is said to have fled to South Connacht and established her first church at Drumconnell.  As a nun she was appointed the first Abbess at a convent in Killaraght County Sligo, established by St Patrick.  The convent had a reputation for hospitality and charity to the poor.  Historical references exist of the convent from 5th century to 1594.

Her name was so well established that many places were names after her, and a large village grew up near the convent. A healing well with a reputation for healing warts and rickets exists in Attracta’s name at Clogher, Monasteraden.  There are accounts of the Cross of Saint Attracta which was famous during the middle ages.  She founded several churches and convents in County Galway and County Sligo, traditionally built at crossroads to aid travellers. There were many accounts of cases of healing of paralytics, and in one case Attracta raised a drowned man from the dead by her fervent prayer.

All were charmed by her gracious behaviour, her affable and gentle nature.