Saint Arcangelo Tadini

Saint Arcangelo Tadini
Born: 12th October 1846 Verolanuva, Italy
Died: 20th May 1912 Botticino Sera, Italy
Feast Day: 20th May
Patron Saint: Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth
Shrine: Minor Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Botticino Sera, Italy
Symbols in Art: Priests Cassock, Book of Hours
Venerated: 21st December 1998 by Pope John Paul II
Beatified: 3rd October 1999 by Pope John Paul II
Canonised: 26th April 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI

Saint Arcangelo Tadini was born on 12th October 1846 in Verolanuva, Italy to Pietri Tadini and Antonia Gadola, a family of nobility.  Antonia was Pietri’s second wife, sister of his first wife who had died at 28 after giving birth to seven children. Arcangelo was the youngest of four children in this marriage and was a sick child, his parents thought he may die at a young age, but he recovered. In 1855-56 Arcangelo moved to the Episcopal High School in Lovere, where his siblings also attended. Three of his brothers started the seminary after completing high school in Lovere.

Arcangelo entered the seminary at the age of 18 but had an accident which left him with a limp for the rest of his life.  He was ordained in 1870 but was forced to spend the first year with his family due to ill health.  He was a curate at Lodrino and then at the Shrine of Santa Maria della Noce near Brescia from 1871 to 1873, he was known for being warm and attentive to the needs of his community.  Following a flood which left people homeless he organised a soup kitchen serving 300 meals a day.

In 1885 he moved to Botticino Sera as curate being appointed as priest 2 years later where he remained for the rest of the 25 years of his life.  He taught catechesis, started a choir, rebuilt the church and when he preached people heard the warmth that his words implanted.

Arcangelo established the Workers’ Mutual Aid Association helping workers injured or sick or needing help in old age.  He built a spinning factory with his inheritance, later building a residence for working women next door.

He established the Congregation of Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth to educate young working women by working alongside them in the factories and leading by example.  He taught that work is not a curse but a way in which men and women are called to accomplish themselves as people and Christians.

Arcangelo got his strength from prayer and was seen often standing for hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament absorbed in contemplation despite his disability. He died on 2th May 1912.

The miracle that led to Arcangelo’s beatification was the healing of the nun Carmela Berardi who was a member of Tadini's order. Berardi suffered from tuberculosis that blocked her vocal cords leaving her unable to speak from 1936 until her healing in 1943. Tadini's remains were being exhumed on 11 March 1943 so the order's Superior General asked her to ask for Tadini's intercession. Berardi did this and found that she could speak to the surprise of those present; the damage that the tuberculosis caused also disappeared

The miracle that led to Arcangelo’s canonization was the healing of the couple Roberto Marazzi and Elisabetta Fostini who were sterile and unable to conceive despite several attempts from 2000 to 2004. Doctors suggested IVF treatment to them, but the couple refused while later coming into touch with families who met in Tadini's order's motherhouse for their Gruppo Famiglia Beato Tadini meetings held each month. The couple attended since April 2004 and bore their first child Maria on 5 August 2005 and a second in Giovanni on 3 December 2006