Paul gets leeched - tentatively related to Saint Attracta (her well reminded me of the Oakley Dam)

Paul gets Leeched

Although not directly related to Saint Attracta, the picture of the well of St Attracta reminded me of an incident in Australia.  Paul and I had been camping for the weekend, it was hot and, on the Sunday, we drove back via Oakley Dam swimming hole to try to cool down.

We noticed the water was low and did not think much about it.  However, what we found was water about thigh deep and about knee deep in mud.  Deciding that was not much fun, we headed out.  Paul was suddenly jumping up and down looking like he had St Vitus dance … and wacking his foot/ankle.  I then realised he was being attacked by a leech. 

I looked down and several were heading my direction … I ran … yuk!  I think I said yuk for the next 30 minutes or so … and even now, rethinking about the event my thought is ‘yuk’.  Leeches are so disgusting.  Paul was lucky that the leech did not manage to get a good hold of him. 

From the “Leeches are worms that live in water or on land and feed by sucking blood from fish, frogs, lizards, birds or, if they get the chance, larger animals like humans.

They suck blood because it is a very good food source for them. Some leeches only need to feed once a year.

The only trouble with sucking blood is you have to do it very carefully, especially if the animal you are sucking it from is able to bite you or pull you off. So leeches, like all blood suckers, usually like to bite without causing too much pain. They like to bite in spots where they are hard to find.”