First Trip to Corfu - tentatively related to Saint Athanasia (she was from Greece)

First trip to Corfu

The week before I was 18, I went to Corfu with my brother and a couple of other people.  This was the first time I had flown, and I did not like it, however, the holiday was good fun until we decided we were going to rent mopeds.  I have no idea why I ever thought that was going to go well.

Anyway, we hired the mopeds for a day and off we went.  I really did not enjoy it and was at the stage of giving up … I am not sure how I thought I was going to push a moped back to the starting point … so decided to stop the ‘thing’ and get off.  Just as I went to put my foot down, I noticed a snake, virtually underneath my foot.  I could have been alive … or dead … I really was not going to hang around to find out.  The one thing I hated more than riding a moped was snakes.

I restarted the moped and was off … I had lost all fear of the bike as my fear of the snake had well and truly taken over.  I raced passed my brother and the others, having been lagging miles behind.  My brother was concerned that I had the accelerator stuck open and chased after me.  I finally stopped and explained what had happened.

It cured me and I was fine for the rest of the day … and I remember the event well!