Tobermory Whisky

Tobermory 12-year Whisky

I became acquainted with Tobermory whisky during a visit to Mull in around 2009.  Usually Islay whiskies are very heavily peated which I enjoy if I am in the right mood or it is the end of the evening, but not what I would class as easy drinking.  However, Tobermory 12 year is only lightly peated.

Tobermory distillery was first opened in 1798, and although troubled financially at times, has been making whisky ever since.  It is not the cheapest whisky but is in the medium price range - around 50gbp a bottle, and genuinely nice for something a little different.

Tobermory describe their 12-year-old as follows: "Tobermory 12-year-old has a palette of vibrant fruit and spice with a subtle saltiness reflective of our harbour waters here at Tobermory."