Teeling – Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Teeling – Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Although perhaps not my first choice, Teeling Single Malt is certainly worth trying.  As I have previously mentioned, I sold on Scottish Single Malts only, believing her was nothing else that came even close.  However, I am more willing to try other Country’s Single Malts now and Ireland has some pretty good options.

Teeling is a on the cheaper side of Whiskies although I have not seen it in Tesco.  I paid around 35GBP for the last bottle I bought.  It is an easy drinking whisky, slight sweet, good nose with a herbal after taste. 

Here is what Teelings have to say about it.” Through innovative cask maturation and finishing techniques, we have crafted a unique, award-winning Teeling Irish Single Malt Whiskey full of flavour.

Made with Irish Whiskeys distilled from 100% malted barley, matured and finished in casks that impart the influence of five wine casks (Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon). This Irish Single Malt Whiskey delivers a unique fruit-forward flavour profile that is complex, yet balanced and has often been described as “a symphony” of flavour.”