Starting Out


I have decided to start this blog to go hand in hand with the research I am doing on Saints, possibly to publish a book, but certainly to be able to help and advise people wanting to choose a Saint for any occasion or reason.
Where this blog will go is uncertain. It is entitled Saints and Single Malts, as I like to 'research' Single Malts as well as the odd glass of wine, and may well add some recommendations on the like, with perhaps notes on any interesting bits of my life, travel and family as and when the occasion presents itself.
This blog is primarily for me to share my research on Saints, but also to experience blogging and to learn as I go along, the best ways to blog and share life moments - especially as we enter a new World during and after Coronavirus.

Who Am I?

I am a mother of two almost grown up children, of which I am sure will form part of this blog from time to time. I am married to Paul who I met through work in the oil and gas industry, in Australia, although he is Irish. He is not only my husband but also my best friend, and again I am sure he will come up in many posts in the future.
I was born in Colchester, Essex, England in 1968 and was adopted at birth. I have got to know my natural mum and family - a story for another post. My adopted Mum died 2 years ago and my adopted dad still lives in Colchester, and should write his own blog as he has lived a very interesting life, spending time in the Far East in the army and for work. 

I became a Christian around 16 years ago and converted to Catholicism and accepted into the Catholic Church 2 years ago. I read at the church and make cheese scones for lunches.  I was training as a Street Pastor until the recent COVID-19 pandemic and am a non-executive Director of the YMCA.

I have been fortunate enough (or not, depending on your point of view) to have travelled extensively with my job and holidays to 6 Continents and over 50 Countries, and I lived in Australia for 4 years. I have spent most of my adult life on various diets … I have lost so much weight over the years, it is incredible … unfortunately I have put on just about as much.

I love all things about Wildlife and Nature (except snakes) and therefore there will be many references and photo’s based around flora and fauna I expect. I knit because I am old, so my son tells me, and I have been to Sierra Leone twice for 2 short mission trips.

I started in engineering as an Apprentice in 1984, when not many girls went in to engineering.  I still work in engineering, in oil and gas although also have recently set up an Executive Assistants company, providing all the services I have been providing in various roles over the years, but on a more informal basis.

If you feel like there is something that might interest you in this lot then, please feel free to follow me and ask any questions you wish.

I look forward to getting started.