Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew
Born: 1st Century
Died: 1st Century
Feast Day: 30th November
Patron Saint: Achaia, Amalfi-Italy, Diocese of Constantinople, Fishermen, Fishmongers, Gout, Greece, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, Singers, Women who want to be mums,  
Shrine: St Andrews, Scotland, St Peter’s Rome, Italy

Saint Andrew was the first of the apostles, having been a follower of John the Baptist, he saw Jesus baptised and heard John exclaim “Look, here is the Lamb of God”.  Jesus effectively asked him to change sides which he did and Andrew introduced Jesus to Simon his brother, when he said, “we have found the Messiah”.  Jesus renamed Simon as Peter.

Andrew lived on the shore of the sea of Galilee in Bethsaida, North Israel where he was a fisherman.  Andrew was one of a few farmers and fishermen that Jesus chose to be his disciple.  In these professions, the workers had to pray, work and trust in God in equal measures, which perhaps is why their characters made them such good Apostles.

There are various traditions as to where Andrew evangalised – possibly Greece, Turkey and north of the Black Sea.  Tradition holds that Andrew was tied to an x-shaped cross, preaching from there for several days before he died.  This is alleged to have happened in Patras, Greece.

Andrew is patron saint of Scotland, although it is believed he never set foot there.  His philosophy was taking what you have and share it between those less well off.

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