Saint Amelia

Saint Amelia
Born: 741
Died: 772
Feast Day: 10th July
Patron Saint: Farmers, Fishermen, Arm & Shoulder Injuries, Bruises
Symbols in Art: Holding a Bible, Fish at Feet, Venerating the Cross
Also known as: Amalberga

There is some confusion about Saint Amelia but here is the most represented story of her. Saint Amelia was born into a deeply religious, noble family in 741 bordering Belgium and Luxembourg.  Amelia and her brother Roden were renowned for their good character and devotion to God.

Amelia was a beautiful woman and he beauty and virtue were spotted by Pepin, King of the Franks, and his son Charles (later known as Charlemagne).  By this time Amelia was preparing to enter the Benedictine Abbey at Munsterbilsen.  It is said that Charles pursued Amelia for several years, and on one occasion broke her arm in a struggle.  The arm was miraculously healed and at that point Charles accepted Amelia’s calling in to the religious.  In other stories, it is reported that Charles fell ill, and Amelia miraculously healed him.

Amelia built a church dedicated to Mary on the River Schelde, at Temsche about 15 miles southwest of Antwerp.  She is associated with many miracles both before and after her death in 772.  In one legend she is said to have arrived at Temsche on the back of a fish.