Saint Alexander of Jerusalem

Saint Alexander of Jerusalem

Born: 2nd Century, Egypt

Died: c 251 Caesarea

Feast Day: 18th March (Catholic), 12th December (Orthodox), 22nd December (Greek)

Also known as: Alexander of Cappadocia

Saint Alexander was born towards the end of the 2nd Century, he studied in Alexandria, Egypt at the famous Christian school with Origen.. He was a disciple of the teacher and writer of the church, Clement Alexandria.  Alexander was chosen as Bishop of Flavia, Cappadocia.  He was arrested and spent three years in prison.

Following his release, he went to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage and was told to stay there through a dream.  In 212 he was picked as a co-administrator with Patriarch Narcissus.  Following the death of Narcissus, Alexander took over and reigned for 38 years, working for Christian enlightenment.

He founded the first library of Christian theology in Jerusalem.  Alexander was arrested during the Emperor Decius persecutions, sent to Cappadocia, where he was tortured.  It. is alleged that he was thrown to the lions, but they refused to touch him.  He was put back in prison where he died around 251.  Alexander was a known as a gentle and mild man.