Saint Adamnan

Saint Adamnan

Born:  c625 County Donegal, Ireland
Died:  704
Feast Day: 23rd September
Patron Saint: Diocese of Raphoe, Ireland
Saint Adamnan was an Abbot and a scholar. He was renowned for his work on St Columba, founder of the Iona community where Adamnan was an Abbot, who allegedly was also a distant relative. This work described the Saints Prophecies, Miracles and Visions.

Following a visit to Northumbria, he started to follow the Roman rules for determining Easter, however, he failed to enforce them at Iona.  He then travelled extensively in Ireland, changing their method to the Roman rules. He was founder of the Abbey of Raphoe which he presided over for some years.

His reforms to help protect children and clerics and improving the conditions of woman, particularly by excluding them from military service, were a primitive version of the Geneva Convention and were known as the Law of the Innocents.

Adamnan also wrote “De Locis Sactis” (Concerning the Sacred Places), a book about Bishop Arculf’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land c 680, in which he was driven by storms to Britain where he became a guest of Adamnan.