Glenfarclas 105

Glenfarclas 105

Glenfarclas 105 used to be one of my favourites.  It was the first 60% cask strength whisky that I had tried – incidentally originating from my birth year of 1968.  It is one of those few whiskies, that I agree is better with a small dash of water to crack the flavours which can be a little harsh without.
It costs around 50GBP for 75cl bottle but I used to be able to buy it in Stavanger, Norway airport (I have worked in Norway many times over the years) for about 28GBP for 1ltr … that helped make it one of my favourites!  I noticed on my recent visit that the prices have gone up considerably.

On more than one occasion I have bought it on the way into Norway and then, because drinks (and everything else) are so expensive in Norway, drunk it in my hotel room and regretted it the next day.  I am sure it helped me though when I have arrived in Countries and have been entertained by the local clients who always insist you drink their local brew, and usually that knocks people out … my ability to drink 105 strengthened by ability to drink most drinks without falling under the table.  Mind you the local drink in Norway is Aquavit … I accept it would probably keep you warm, but I have tasted better cough medicine!

I recently finished a bottle of Glenfarclas 105, and I certainly would never say no to it but nowadays would probably think twice about spending 50GBP on it when you can get particularly good whiskies for half the price.

Anyway – hear is what Masters of Malt of to say about Glenfarclas 105.

Nose: Great depth, Sherry. Creamy and nutty. Honey on toast, touch of smoky coffee.
Palate: Silken, spicy and peppery oak. Almond, praline, hazelnut, dried peels, fruity. Touch of Armagnac, hint of rancio perhaps?
Finish: Long, peppery and nutty.