Distillery visit on 2nd March 2019 -tentatively related to Saint Angela of the Cross (Feast day)

Visiting a few Distilleries on 2nd March 2019
Last March 2nd (2019), Paul and I were in Aberdeen working.  We managed to find a day where we could explore a little so decided to go around the distilleries – no surprise there.  As it was not yet Easter, we discovered that not all the local distilleries were open, which meant we had to hunt harder … challenge on. 

We arrived at Strathisla distillery first … it was shut, so we went on to Grant’s distillery, where we went around on the official tour and the tasting.  For 50p or something in that region, you could buy a small bottle so that most of the tasting you could take away with you.  Of course, we also bought a full-size bottle here. (to be reviewed in a separate post)

For lunch, we stopped at McCallan and had a tapas, they have a huge range of whiskies on display but nothing on special offer, so we headed to Glenfiddich and had a look around.  We then headed to another distillery … cannot remember which one and that was closed so we headed to Glen Garioch in Old Meldrum but that was closed by the time we got there as well. 

To make up for the ‘disappointment’ of so many closed distilleries, we did buy a couple of single malts that were on offer in the bottle shop in Aberdeen, so a good day was had by all.

The countryside around Aberdeen is amazing, rolling green meadows, hills and we picked a nice day as well.  Aberdeen, known as the granite city for a reason, is very grey although the architecture is remarkable.  A trip around the area is recommended.  Aberdeen beaches are also nice on the two days a year that it is sunny up there.