Clown in Rome - tentatively related to Saint Anastasius (Born in Rome)

Clown in Rome

As you would expect, there are a lot of street artists in Rome, some are good and some not so good.  I will often appreciate music, but much of the other art, I do not generally pay much attention to – especially clowns who are usually a bit too slapstick for me.

However, we were sitting having dinner opposite the Pantheon in Rome in June 2019, during one of our evenings on holiday when I noticed a clown.  For whatever reason, perhaps the atmosphere or the wine … but I think just because he was good … I watched with interest.  All three of us (Paul and Ben were with me), soon were watching the clown intently.  He was following people without them noticing, then copying their walk/actions until he was spotted, he was getting in selfie photo’s and generally ‘mucking around’.  He of course paid particular attention to the children and made them laugh with his antics.

Of course he spotted us watching him and came over to have some fun with us as well, he was good enough that we put money in his hat, and even went back to the same restaurant the second night to watch him further.  It helped that the food was also good of course – but then tell me about an Italian restaurant in Italy with bad food!

Perhaps he will be on Italy’s Got Talent!