A lot of Steps in Warsaw - tentatively related to Saint Andrew Bobola (He was Polish)

A lot of Steps in Warsaw

I have worked in Warsaw a couple of times but have not had much spare time – the truth about travelling with work is that, although it sounds glamorous, it rarely is.  This blog is showing the rare times I managed to get time off to explore, however, most trips were airports, hotels, and offices and lots of time on my own.

Anyway, on the second visit to Warsaw, probably 2010 I was staying in a hotel near the city, called Hotel Warszawa https://warszawa.hotel.com.pl/hotel-warszawa I was on the 16th floor and all was going well, there was a nice spa area that I was able to relax in for 30 minutes on the evening of my arrival, food was excellent and it was easy to get around.

However, I needed to go back to the hotel room in the middle of the day to pick up some more brochures or samples and the lift was not working for some reason.  16 floors is a long way without a lift … it’s amazing what you remember about a place.

The other thing I remember about Warsaw was the honey vodka which seemed to be served on entry at every restaurant, and liberally poured during meals.  It was very nice and I definitely recommend it.  The food was very good as well – although perhaps that was the result of the vodka?

The architecture is a real mix of old and new in the city and Castle Square is worth a visit.